No matter where our place is in this world, the most important thing we can give the children to sustain them for the future, is education.


***English Teachers volunteer are welcome to teach in the camp for two weeks to a year***


The children are going to day school and learning English, Burmese and computer in the camp.

The second semester is studying in local schools


Cerebration of International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women
On 25 November 2013


Luckily three students can attend University in coming year by the support of Camberwell school group.


Thank The Branch Foundation (TBF) for supporting for Burmese class



We had Shan course April 8 to May 10 2013 in the camp



These are students in the camp who 2013 graduates from Schools in Thailand

Sai Oo is proud of thier working hard



Break dancing

by the children in Koung Jor



 Welcome to our place to see the lives of living in the huts Over one hundred huts are being collected the people on the mountain which is shining in the summer, foggy in the winter and cloudy in the rainy season. Even it's raining early morning, at 3 o'clock, the people must weak up to prepare to be ready for the truck to get them to the farm for work as daily wages.



7th February Shan National Day

In the same year, 1947, six representatives of Kachin State, six representatives from Chin State and six from Shan State, set up the Supreme Council of the United Hill People to unite their countries.  The Shan National Day see more


Whoever interested in helping music for refugee children

As a long time being in the lower standard staying in the camp, you can say that another generation is growing up in the camp; they are following their hoppy which could release their trauma. Therefore these children who are music fan see more

If you are interested in it, you may contact me at 091 213 48 32 ( or Camp Leader Sai Leng 086 188 98 27



Building desks for school in the camp


Teaching by Teacher Carolyn from UK

The preparation course to win places at English speaking migrant colleges this year has begun in the camp with 12 students.  They have until the beginning of April to improve their English skills and become the best candidates for schools in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot.  Carolyn is teaching for the 4th year and hopefully together with more volunteers, they will be able to achieve the same success as last year.  Here they are working hard on speaking and pronunciation skills.


Taught by Anton from USA

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